My Awesome Visit to Your School:

I look forward to meeting everyone! We are going to have “snow much” fun!

I usually present both a primary (grades K-2 or 3, about 45 minutes) and an intermediate (grades 3 or 4-6, about 60 minutes) assembly at elementary schools. During the assemblies I read my book and tell additional stories while showing a slide show. In the primary assembly, I also have the audience dress a student for winter play and we sing a couple active songs. In the intermediate assembly, I end with a fun game show that reinforces comprehension and dressing in the cold. Students will be engaged and motivated to write their own story.

The assemblies are followed by classroom visits where I share the behind the scenes story of my writing journey. In these visits students will learn the process of a book from first idea to holding the finished product. I share my first paragraph of my rough draft and students will compare that with the paragraph in the book. Students will leave excited to begin writing.

I can also provide books for purchase that I am happy to sign. I’ll also autograph any books already purchased.

Here is a sample schedule for a successful author visit in an elementary school:

  • Intermediate Assembly (60 minutes)
  • 15-20 minute set-up
  • Primary Assembly (45 minutes)
  • 15 minute reassemble time
  • Lunch and book signing
  • Afternoon of classroom visits of an author’s behind the scenes journey and support of the writing process. Visits can be two to three classes at a time in one location for a duration of 30-40 minutes each depending on grade level (most schools have me visit grades 2-6 for these sessions). I encourage questions about the writing process during this time as well.

As another option, I am also willing to see classes all day in the library for approximately 40-45 minutes each session.

Middle/High School students also benefit from my presentation. During these visits I concentrate on the behind the scenes of my book journey, layout and design and the writing process.

Contact me for full details. Typical fees listed below.

Full day – $900 if there are additional schools in your area/ $1500 if airfare required and only your school
Half day – $500 but only available if presenting to multiple schools in your area
Evening – $250 if on the same day as school visit
Skype/FaceTime Visits – Contact me


Add another event to my Top Ten Days of Teaching! On Tuesday,
Larson Elementary was visited by an author who could rival
Katie Couric in the perkiness department! Cindy Lou Aillaud
delighted students and staff with her presentations in the
library. Words like "freezy" and "snotsicle" have officially
become part of the Larson lexicon. Thank you, Cindy Lou and
Whit, for bringing sunshine into our lives with your story about
freezy fun!
-Diane Firmani, Librarian
Larson Elementary, Alaska
We had the best author assemblies ever yesterday! Really fun and educational
at the same time. The kids have never had so much fun at an assembly! The
author is Cindy Lou Aillaud, author of Recess at 20 Below. She is fabulous! The
kids and parents are still raving today. She costs $500 for half day and $900 for
all day which includes wonderful classroom visits with as many grade levels as
you can squeeze into the day. In addition she did our Family Reading Night
evening presentation for about $250. I highly recommend her. She is from
Alaska but doesn’t charge any transportation, lodging or food. She is an alum
of Hazelwood Elementary way back when!
-Connie Baker, Librarian
Hazelwood Elementary, WA
Your presentation was informative and entertaining, and our
students enjoyed it tremendously. The slides of winter in Alaska,
the tales of coping with the cold in Delta Junction, and your
ability to connect with the students made this an assembly to
-Dave Zwaschka, Principal
Lynndale Elementary, WA
Cindy had them eating out of her hand, even the fifth graders! Her enthusiasm
came through as she read her book and her husband showed slides of the
pictures that are in the book. Cindy immediately connected with some students
who have lived with their military family in Alaska. As she read, she included
anecdotes about the child in the picture or why she included a point in the story.
Cindy’s humor was laced throughout her presentation. She finished her
presentation with a test! Cindy dressed a volunteer as the audience told her
the steps to follow when dressing for recess at 20 below!

I would highly recommend Cindy Aillaud as a guest author for schools.
- Raymond Kuceyeski, Teacher, 5th grade
Wuerzburg American Elementary School
Wuerzburg, Germany
I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful day. The
children and the parents had a wonderful time!! You did an
excellent presentation and the kids really liked you. You would
fit so well here in Moose Pass
- Erin Knotek
Moose Pass, Alaska
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