My Awesome Visit to Your School:

I look forward to meeting everyone! We are going to have “snow much” fun!

I usually present both a primary (grades K-2 or 3, about 45 minutes) and an intermediate (grades 3 or 4-6, about 60 minutes) assembly at elementary schools. During the assemblies I read my book and tell additional stories while showing a slide show. In the primary assembly, I also have the audience dress a student for winter play and we sing a couple active songs. In the intermediate assembly, I end with a fun game show that reinforces comprehension and dressing in the cold. Students will be engaged and motivated to write their own story.

The assemblies are followed by classroom visits where I share the behind the scenes story of my writing journey. In these visits students will learn the process of a book from first idea to holding the finished product. I share my first paragraph of my rough draft and students will compare that with the paragraph in the book. Students will leave excited to begin writing.

I can also provide books for purchase that I am happy to sign. I’ll also autograph any books already purchased.

Here is a sample schedule for a successful author visit in an elementary school:

  • Intermediate Assembly (60 minutes)
  • 15-20 minute set-up
  • Primary Assembly (45 minutes)
  • 15 minute reassemble time
  • Lunch and book signing
  • Afternoon of classroom visits of an author’s behind the scenes journey and support of the writing process. Visits can be two to three classes at a time in one location for a duration of 30-40 minutes each depending on grade level (most schools have me visit grades 2-6 for these sessions). I encourage questions about the writing process during this time as well.

As another option, I am also willing to see classes all day in the library for approximately 40-45 minutes each session.

Middle/High School students also benefit from my presentation. During these visits I concentrate on the behind the scenes of my book journey, layout and design and the writing process.

Contact me for full details. Typical fees listed below.

Full day – $900 if there are additional schools in your area/ $1500 if airfare required and only your school
Half day – $500 but only available if presenting to multiple schools in your area
Evening – $250 if on the same day as school visit
Skype/FaceTime Visits – Contact me